About Chapel Steel

Steel Plate Products Distributor

Chapel Steel is a specialty steel plate products distributor specializing in the processing and delivery of structural, carbon & hsla steel plate, alloy & abrasion resistant steel plate, marine & offshore steel plate, pvq steel plate, and armor & ballistic steel plate for almost any type of fabrication project. With over 45 years of industry leading experience, Chapel Steel has established a strategic distribution channel across the United States, Mexico and Canada with eight facilities located in Philadelphia, PA, Birmingham, AL, Chicago, IL, Cleveland, OH, Houston, TX, Portland, OR, Hamilton, Ontario and Monterrey, Mexico. This comprehensive network allows us to provide our customers with the fastest lead times in the industry. Independently certified to the ISO 9001 2015 standard, each of our distribution facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art processing machines to carry out a wide variety of services, including plasma and oxy-fuel cutting, beveling, drilling, tapping, milling, counter boring, plasma etching, custom forming, and shot blasting.

Each of our specialty alloys serve a particular set of industries with demanding requirements. High strength low alloy steel is used when greater mechanical performance is needed, with a good combination of formability and weldability. Alloy and abrasion resistant steel plate is often desirable in the production of processing equipment for long life. The superior corrosion resistance of marine & offshore steel plate makes it ideal for shipbuilding, offshore oil rigs, and other applications that are subjected to the corrosive environment of saltwater and air. Pvq steel plate is employed in high pressure environments such as pressure vessels, blast furnaces, and more. Advanced armor & ballistic steel plate is widely used for military applications for all sorts of weaponry and associated fabrications.

Chapel Steel’s expertise allows us to quickly understand our customer’s needs and respond efficiently and accurately. With our combined experience, reputation, and extensive network of advanced facilities, Chapel Steel provides a unique level of service with the best people in the business. Contact a local rep today.