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At Chapel Steel, we look at the industry with a fresh eye and the drive of a new generation. You can count on Chapel Steel to supply the right grade and the right size at the right price - delivered right on time, every time. Our services include consignment, jit, plasma cutting steel plate, plasma etching steel plate, oxy-fuel cutting steel plate and CAD


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  Alloy & Abrasion Resistant Steel Plate

Alloy & Abrasion Resistant Steel Plate: TMCP 100ksi min yield / Hiten 780LE

TMCP 100ksi min yield / Hiten 780LE
The Hiten 78OLE is a high strength steel plate manufactured using a Micro-alloying and Thermo Mechanically Controlled Process. This process allows this plate to have a superior surface quality, excellent weldability, better forming and higher charpy values than quenched and tempered plate. An excellent substitute for A514.

Mechanical Properties:
Tensile: 113ksi-135ksi
Yield: 100ksi min
Elongation: 16% min in 2”, Typical 33% in 2”
Charpy Values: Minimum of 20 Joules @ -40° Celsius, Typical 145 Joules @ -40° Celsius
Brinell: 235—293 is typical, but it is not usually indicated on the MTR’s

Stock Sizes
Grade Gauge (Inches) Width (Inches) Length (Inches)
780LE 0.3750 96 240/480
780LE 0.5000 96 240/480
780LE 0.6250 96 240/480
780LE 0.7500 96 240/480
780LE 0.8750 96 240/480
780LE 1.0000 96 240/480
780LE 1.1250 96 240/480
780LE 1.2500 96 240/480
780LE 1.5000 96 240/480

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